Fauser Electrostatic Sensor STS1


Capture static electricity before it explodes!

The electrostatic sensor STS1 is a compact electrostatic measuring instrument with digital display for simple and precise measurement of static charges in the plus and minus range. The large measuring range, high accuracy, low drift and a resolution of up to 1 V make the electrostatic sensor STS1 a multi-talent for all areas of electrostatic measurement.

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The two spacers guarantee an exact and constant distance to the test specimen, thus enabling simple and precise measurement.

Measurement value display

The clearly arranged, 3½ digit LCD display allows quick and accurate reading of the measured values and guarantees a long battery life.

Measuring ranges

The STS1 has two selectable measuring ranges (± 2000 V and ± 20 kV). The selected measuring range is indicated by LEDs.


Thanks to the high resolution of up to 1 V, even the slightest static charges can be detected, which is of great importance in the field of building biology.


The display of the polarity of the static charge enables quick recognition of the materials responsible for the charge.

Battery check

The LowBat display prevents falsification of the measured values due to a depleted battery.

Application areas STS1

The electrostatic sensor STS1 enables the detection and control of static charges in the area of EDP equipment as well as in electronics and semiconductor production. Consequently, disturbances and damage can be reliably avoided.

The measurement of VDUs with the STS1 allows the estimation of the exposure of the person working at the VDU. Static screen charges cause suction effects on dust particles. Such an exposure can be reduced simply by using screen filters. The STS1 is also an indispensable tool in the field of building biology for the assessment and selection of materials used in living areas, such as carpets, curtain fabrics and textiles. The concentration of positively and negatively charged small ions in the indoor air can be influenced, which has a great effect on the quality of the overall indoor climate.


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