How can I make my home as radiation-free as possible?

Here is our little help package for your first steps to a healthy home.

  1. Switch off the WLAN on all devices and wire the router to your workstations.
  2. Deactivate wireless phones and use corded phones instead.
  3. Tablets, smartphones and laptops can be connected with an adapter via network cable. Please make sure to activate flight mode on these devices as well.
  4. Printers and scanners can also be wired and operated in flight mode.
  5. Some devices are not earthed (2-pin plugs), in this case you can simply use a 3-pin earth cable.
  6. Sleeping is the most important place for you and your regeneration time. With a measuring device you can find out quickly and easily which place in your home has the least radiation and move your bed there.
  7. It is best to switch off all devices completely during the night.
  8. Point out to your neighbours the danger of radiation and ask them to cut off the W-LAN at night and if necessary to get radiation-free during the day.

Many people find that these simple steps already help to improve the situation, but if this is not enough, we will be happy to advise you personally.