Different fields

As our living environment becomes increasingly electrified, electromagnetic fields are also increasing. In everyday life, the population is exposed to radiation in many places, electrosensitive people react with health complaints.

  • Where electrical energy is consumed, static or electric and magnetic fields are generated.
  • At high frequencies, the electrical and magnetic components merge with each other - electrical and magnetic become electromagnetic
  • Natural fields have been present in the world for millions of years.
  • Most of them cannot be felt, something the earth's magnetic field, the electricity in the air or the low radioactivity of the earth and cosmos or the UV rays of the sun.

On the following table you can see the worldwide known spectrum of all electromagnetic waves.

But we have not dealt with the enormous increase over the last 100 years. There is growing evidence that they have unexpected adverse effects on our health. You can find many examples of this under Articles and Studies.

These statistics show how noise pollution has changed in the frequency ranges from the 1920s to the present.