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Infrared Keyboard Desktop


Emission Free Keyboard

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IR Keyboard Desktop

Separating the keyboard from the power supply enables a symptom-free usage of the
computer. Thereby the computer and screen should be held as radiation free as
possible and a remaining radiation should be avoided with great distance. Moreover,
aids like shielded cables and radiation-free peripheral devices may need to be installed


The 86-keys keyboard can take on all functions of a standard 104-keys keyboard. The
19.05 mm spaced keys are also comfortable for big hands and have a perfect tactile
feedback. Additionally there's a special dirt-repellent Trackball with high resolution.
The infrared transmission provides a range of 5 meter with a receiving angle of ±30°.
The keyboard is running independent from the power supply with 2 pcs. AA batteries.
For daily use it is recommended to use rechargeable NI-MH batteries.


The IR-Keyboard is the best solution to avoid a low-frequency field which eventually
can harm the user. Furthermore the keyboard is ergonomically designed, has a long
battery-operating period and is very robust.

Performance Information

The verification in the lab still needs to be done. The following values are just provi-
sional target figures.
High frequency:  <0.001V/m
Low frequency electric:      <1V/m
Low frequency magnetic:  <10nT
Basic Information:
Layout: UK, CH-de, CH-fr, DE, FR-AZERTY
Key distance:  19.05 mm
Number of keys: 86
Transmission frequency: Infrared 56 KHz
Receiving angle: ± 30º
Range: 5 m
Power supply: 2 AA batteries
Compatibility: PC, Android
Interface: USB

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USB 2.0 Type A

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comsana IR Keyboard setup.exe

Microsoft Windows Treiber Installation for the comsana IR Keyboard Desktop

Download (1.9M)

kbd-csIR-desk Install DE 1.2.pdf

Infrarot-Tastatur Desktop Installation Deutsch

Download (1006.96k)

kbd-csIR-desk Install FR 1.2.pdf

Clavier infrarouge Desktop Instructions d'installation

Download (656.04k)

Installation Keyboard EN 1.3.pdf

Infrared Keyboard Desktop Installation Manual

Download (1013.62k)

kbd-csIR-desk Booklet DE 1.2.pdf

Infrarot-Tastatur Desktop Produktbuch

Download (378.36k)

Keyboard description EN 1.2.pdf

Infrared Keyboard Desktop Booklet

Download (377.89k)

kbd-csIR-desk Booklet FR 1.2.pdf

Clavier Infrarouge Desktop Information

Download (378.5k)

Tastatur-Beschrieb IT 1.2.pdf

Download (903.71k)