• Apple lightning LAN and charge cable

Network and Charging Adapter for iPhone and iPad

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LAN and charge adapter with cables for Apple Lightning iPhone and iPad - mobility without high-frequency radiation

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Lightning Ethernet and PoE Adapter

Avoid high radiation of Wi-Fi and mobile connections at home and your office. You're now able to charge and connect your mobile Apple devices by the Lightning PoE-Adapter.

Connect your iPhone / iPad to your POE-Switch and activate airplane-mode (offline mode) on your device. Now you and your child can use What’sApp, Facebook, SnapChat, E-Mail, Safari, Weather and all your other favorite apps without any radiation. 


This Set includes a PoE-Adapter, a 1.5m Ethernet cable and a USB 2.0-Lightning cable of 1.5m or 3m length.


This Adapter connects an iPhone / iPad to gigabit ethernet and charges the iPad using Power over Ethernet (PoE) as the power source. It is a PoE 802.3af Class 0 device. The iPhone / iPad must be running iOS 10 or later.

Once the Adapter is connecting the iPhone / iPad to PoE it is instantly recorgnized as a network connection that is available to any iOS app.

Use the "Settings" app on your iPhone / iPad to configure the network connection. Once the Adapter is detected "Ethernet" will appear in the left-hand column in "Settings". Select it to access the configurable network parameters.


Data sheet

PoE Output
15.4 Watt - IEEE802.3af

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