Harmonics filter 13A

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1-phase high current filter with N, PE decoupling

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The 13A harmonic filter offers high attenuation, high differential and common mode rejection and has very low power dissipation. The housing is made of stainless steel, the cables are screwed and shielded.

Technical data

Nominal voltage L- N 230VAC +10% (50/60 Hz)
Nominal current 16A at 100%, at continuous load
Maximum current/overload 20A for 10s/h
Voltage drop < 1V (50Hz)
Power loss < 5W / 16A
leakage current < 2mA / 50Hz   
Test voltage (L- N) 1100VDC, for 2 seconds
Test voltage (L/N- PE) 2100VDC for 2 seconds
Test according EN 60939 part 1-3
Climate class HPF (25/085/21)
Connection Type Mains Plug 0,25m, type J , Mains Coupling 0,1m, type J 
Ambient temperature -10°C bis/ to +40°C
Housing dimensions (WxHxL) 190 x 58 x 78mm 
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