Danell Socket Strip Shielded 4+2-Way 2x not Switched, CH Plug

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6-fold 2m mains connection with overcurrent protection 10A and illuminated control switch

Made especially for Switzerland with Swiss plug. Protect yourself from low-frequency electromagnetic fields at home, at work, in your holiday home. The more electrosmog can be avoided, the better.

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Plug version for Switzerland
2 m mains connection cable
2-pole switch for 4 x inserts
2 grey inserts not switched for continuous current consumers
Surge protection ÜSS varistor / gas surge arrester Mains filter / HF (high frequency) filter up to attenuation of 50 dBm,over 80 MHz
Switched inserts suitable for computer and monitor connections and unswitched inserts for devices that must not be switched off, such as fax, telephone, etc.
By using our two-pole switch, all plugged in devices are reliably and 2-pole (also called all-pole) disconnected from the mains - this means for you: Maximum safety for persons and environment
Individual examination, 100 %.
high shielding against alternating electric field at mains voltage
Housing (robust anodised aluminium profile)
Cable (plastic-coated aluminium strip)
Inspection according to the display screen standards TCO'99 (MPR II, DIN EN 50279)
Limit values clearly undercut with all measuring methods
ntegrated decoupling filter prevents coupling of alternating electric fields to two-pole Euro power cables
Control switch green, 2-pole, illuminated
Supply voltage 250 V / 50 Hz
Overcurrent protection 10 A
Brand Danell

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