ROM-Elektronik Professional measuring case

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Only one case as the highest measurement standard of building biology measurement technology.

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Professional measuring case

From the professional for the professional - only the best

Only one case as the highest measurement standard in building biology measurement technology. Intensive cooperation with our customers, universities and engineering offices has resulted in the measuring case described below for building biology measurement practice.

From practice - for practice

For the professional measuring technician, the case contains all the measuring and testing equipment necessary for an optimal house examination with expert opinion.

We have provided the following contents for this purpose:

✔ High-frequency analyser FrequencyMaster IV (1MHz - 10GHz)
✔ Software for FrequencyMaster IV
✔ Biconical broadband measuring antenna BBM-1 from approx. 50 to 2,500 MHz
✔ FieldMaster-3D incl. software for low-frequency electric fields
✔ Electric field meter
✔ 3D-GeoMag incl. software for magnetic DC fields
✔ 3D-IsoMag incl. reading software for alternating magnetic fields
✔ optionally an individually adapted notebook for an additional charge.

We would also be happy to put this case together according to your wishes!


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physical measurement
Low frequency electric
Low frequency magnetic
Multi-measurement system
Radio frequency

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