Fauser Magnetic Field Probe MFS100

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The MFS100 sensor enables the three-dimensional measurement of low-frequency alternating magnetic fields with the FM10 field meter. The total field strength calculated and displayed from the three orthogonal components enables isotropic measurement, i.e. the correct field strength value is displayed regardless of the orientation of the sensor in the magnetic field.

The sensor has a coil area of 100 cm² according to DIN 0848 for measurements according to the German Federal Immission Control Act (BimSchG) and the rules of the Employer's Liability Insurance Association (BGR). The frequency range is adapted to the TCO guideline.

approx. 2 weeks delivery time

Technical data

  • Sensor: 3 spools with 100 cm² spool surface
  • Measuring range: 0..20000 nT
  • Resolution: 1 nT
  • Resolution: 1 nT
  • Measurement uncertainty: < 5% [50 Hz]. 
  • Frequency filter (via FM10): Bandpass 16.6 Hz
                                            High pass 50 Hz
  •                                         High pass 2kHz
  •  Display functions: X-, Y-, Z-component, peak hold
  •  Power supply: via FM10 field meter
  •  Dimensions: 175 x 144 x 144 mm
  •  Working temperature: 0..+40°C

Data sheet

User group
physical measurement
Low frequency magnetic

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Anleitung Fauser MFS100

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