Fauser Light Meter LM10

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LM10 - The multianalyser for lighting

The LM10 light meter is an innovative new development for examining the quality of light sources. It measures the parameters illuminance, flicker frequency and flicker content. In addition, the flickering of the light source can be displayed acoustically via a loudspeaker in the audible as well as in the ultrasonic range.

Scope of delivery
1-2 weeks delivery time

  • Measuring device for assessing lighting quality
  • Display of illuminance
  • Flicker content in waviness % or flicker %
  • Flicker frequency in the range from 50 Hz to 400 kHz
  • Acoustic reproduction of the flickering in the audible and ultrasonic range
  • Sensors for visible spectrum, infrared and ultraviolet
  • Data logger for continuous recording and single point measurement with 1 GByte memory capacity including FM-Data software

Technical data

Measuring ranges   
Illuminance E 20000 lx
Visible 480..660 nm
IR 790..1050 nm
UV 220..365 nm
Flicker content 0..100 %
Flicker frequency 50 Hz..400 kHz

Flicker content: Waviness or flicker in % /
Flicker frequency in Hz


Acoustic reproduction   
Audible range 15 Hz..15 kHz
Ultrasound 10..400 kHz
Interface (LM10L/LS) USB 2.0
Voltage output (LM10S/LS) quadruple 0..2000 mVAC
Power supply 2 x Mignon AA
Dimensions 120x79x28 mm
Working temperature 0..+40°C

The readout of the stored measured values and the clear setting of the LM10L functions on the PC is done via USB interface.

Via optional probes the infrared and ultraviolet range as well as ultrasound can be measured.

In addition, the LM10L light meter has an integrated data logger with 1 GByte data memory and a real-time clock for precise time/date indication.


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