EMFields MagneMeter


The MagneMeter measures power-frequency magnetic fields in the range of 15 - 2000 Hz

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The MagneMeter

The MagneMeter enables you to make a quick and informed masurement of power-frequency magnetic fields levels in your environment. It was designed using the experience gained from many years of taking practical EMF measurements. The MagneMeter is an easy to use, pocket sized, accurate, ELF magnetic fields meter which is ideal for carrying around.

Further information

The MagneMeter measures the ELF magnetic fields caused by substations, power-lines, transformers, housewiring, most electric railways and electrical appliances used in the home and workplace. Since 2001, ELF magnetic fields have been classed as "possible human carcinogens" by the World Health Organisation's International Agency on Research in Cancer. This is mainly due to a repeated and long-term association with a doubling in risk of a child developing leukaemia at field levels above about 0.3 to 0.4 microteslas - µT. The increased risk seems to start at about 0.15 microteslas - µT.


The MagneMeter is an ideal instrument to carry with you if you are house-hunting and want to ensure that field levels from substations and powerlines are at acceptably low levels in the home and gardens that you are considering buying or renting.

The readings are shown on a series of LED indicator lights. When two LEDs are both lit next to each other, the exposure level is halfway between the two.

It is available labelled in either international microtesla (µT) units or in milliGauss (mG) units for America, Canada and Australia etc.

The instrument is not waterproof and should be covered with a plastic bag if used in the rain. The bag will not affect the readings.

Technical Specification

  • A line of LEDs shows the level
  • Magnetic field range: 0.02 - 2.0 µT
  • Accuracy: 50 Hz - 100 Hz ± 5% ± 0.005 µT
  • Accuracy: 15 Hz - 2000 Hz ± 3 dB
  • Battery: PP3 9V Alkaline or recharchable
  • Current: 16 mA
  • Batterylife: up to 30 hours
  • Low battery shown by red on/off LED
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