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The PF5 measures electric and magnetic fields of the house installation. Measurement in microtesla (µT).

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The PF5 Pocket Power Frequencies Meter (ELF & VLF)

The PF5 is our primary low frequency detector and has been developed based on our 25 years of experience in EMF measurement and research. It measures electric and magnetic fields emitted by equipment in the home and workplace. The PF5 is a user-friendly and accurate mains frequency meter that is ideal for everyday use thanks to its pocket size.

Further information

Unlike most EMF meters on the market, the PF5 also measures frequencies between 20 Hz and more than 50 kHz. This allows the meter to detect electric and magnetic fields emitted by induction cookers, solar inverters, 'energy-saving' compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and some LEDs.

It measures either electric and magnetic fields and is labelled with the international unit of measurement microtesla (µT).

The PF5 can be switched off and on with just one button. It also switches between measuring electric and magnetic radiation. The PF5 uses a single-axis probe. Therefore, during the measurement process, the instrument is rotated in all directions to detect the highest, relevant value.
Examples of newer radiation sources

Induction cookers use magnetic fields to generate high electric currents in iron or steel pans, which heat up as a result. They are very energy efficient, but fields around the plate may not be tight, exposing the person to magnetic fields while cooking. A 2012 study looked at 16 induction cookers and found that most exceeded even high ICNIRP guidelines. So harmful induction cookers can be identified and avoided thanks to our PF5.

Some solar inverters or heat pump converters generate high-level electric and magnetic fields that the PF5 can detect, while many other meters cannot.

The PF5 even measures electric fields from energy-saving CFL lamps.

Exposure to such fields can cause headaches, eye problems and many other health problems. The PF5 is an inexpensive meter to detect all those new EMF sources and protect you from them.

Technical data

    A line of coloured LEDs shows the measurement results
    Measuring range for electric fields: 5 - 200 V/m
    Frequency range: 15 - 2000 Hz ±3%.
    Measuring range for magnetic fields: 0.02 - 2.0 µT
    Resolution: 8 LEDs with 7 central dots
    Accuracy: 50 to 2000 Hz ±10
    Accuracy: 20 to 50000 Hz ±3 dB
    Usable response from 15 Hz - 70 kHz
    Power supply : PP3 9 volt alkaline or rechargeable battery
    Current: 16-23 mA
    Battery life: 25 hours with standard alkaline battery
    Low battery indicator (green "on" light turns red)
    Size (mm): 110 x 63 x 21 (LxWxH)
    Weight: 140g incl. battery; 175g with bag

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