Feel tired and exhausted. Do you suffer from concentration problems, do you struggle with dizziness or heart rhythm disturbances? Are you an electrosensitive person and urgently need a break to regenerate?

Since we are in contact with people who need exactly such a break, we came up with the idea of providing a small filling station for electro-sensitive people.

Here in Mettlen in the rural canton of Thurgau, at our Comsana location, we are allowed to enjoy a radiation-free oasis and are now offering our comfortable caravan for short stays.

Own toilet, hot water, shower, heating, kitchen with freezer, LAN-internet, landline telephone is all included in the offer, while the beautiful nature invites to relaxing walks.

We charge a nightly flat rate of CHF 80. Every 7th night is for free.

Do you feel addressed and would like to know more? Then give us a call: 058 502 75 88.

We are looking forward to welcome you here!

Your Comsana Team