To help you, you will now also find some sound files here - so that you can better identify the source of the danger:

Soundfiles Acousticom 2

Soundfile Acoustimeter


With +/- 3db, the Acoustimeter is the most accurate measuring device with built-in antenna

AM11 frequency response curve
Allergic and inflammatory reactions due to electromagnetic fields

Report from the greenmedinfo website in English.

How EMFs Disturb Your Immune System


Report in 10vor 10 last Monday in which our Acousticom 2 had a guest appearance:

The SRF refutes itself: First, the quoted Martin Röösli is a well-known mobile phone lobbyist who recently lost scientific credibility. Secondly, the SRF itself sees the alteration of brain waves as a recognised health impairment.
(the articel is in German)
Radio programme on electrosensitivity

We would like to briefly draw your attention to a radio programme on 24 August 2020. Association president Rebekka Meier of Schutz vor Strahlung was on Radio Maria and gave information on the subject of electrosensitivity.

Description of the programme: "In Switzerland a great many people suffer from the increasing radiation exposure caused by mobile phones and WLAN radiation. Because of their physical and psychological symptoms they have to withdraw more and more into rooms or areas with poor radio coverage. We talk about where these symptoms come from and how those affected can help and protect themselves".

The hour-long programme can now be listened to. Have fun listening.

(The programm is in Swiss-German)



The Federal Council should consequently define test installations and test area, communicate them to the public and have all other existing installations demonstrably and permanently taken out of service by mobile radio operators.

According to the current state of knowledge, it is not responsible for exposing the population to these non-monitorable radiations. The economic aspect should simply not be argued with, as this implies a violation of fundamental rights and the achievements of Swiss democracy.

The Federal Council approves test operations? Here is the current, official map of the 5G antenna sites from (

Is whole of Switzerland a test site?

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